Il dottor Zhivago

Francesco Bigazzi

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Contested by publishing houses around the world, Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago was published for the first time ever in 1957 by the Italian Feltrinelli. In order to be read in the Soviet Union, the great novel will have to wait over thirty years.
Behind the editorial events of this masterpiece lies a dark history studded with twists and turns, maneuvers hatched by occult powers and secret services, first of all the CIA and KGB, coups de hands and intrigues matured in the shadow of the Cold War. In this essay, based on archival sources and unpublished documents, the "Zhivago case" is reconstructed in great detail, showing the many ambiguities, giving answers to unsolved questions, without neglecting the most suggestive theories such as that of the journalist Artyom Borovik, according to which the proceeds from the publication of Doctor Zhivago were used to finance the Red Brigades.