“Russian Ballet Stories” Exhibition



Date: 8th October – 8th November, 2015

Venue: All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, exhibition hall N36,

Delegatskaya St.3, Moscow

Presentation: 8th October 2015, All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art,

exhibition hall N36

Curator: Khegay Inna Alekseevna

Partners: ARTSOUZ Gallery, All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Art Deco


Artists: Clavijo-Telepnev V., Khromoseeva T., Makarov I.

The “Russian Ballet Stories” Exhibition proposes a modern view on the art of Russian ballet in its up to date and historical aspects. Conventionally ballet has a high status in cultural life in Russia, meanwhile, it is standing for a long time in the associative array of Russian art abroad and is considered to be the visiting card of our country. Russian ballet keeps its aesthetic canons and serves as the legislator of classic choreography all over the world since the contemporary history. Nowadays Russian ballet makes the audience moved, inspires creative people, and gathers vivid individuals, all-rounders from different branches of art.
Ballet is an art that goes through space and time, its passing beauty is elusive. There is no any chance to stop the world in a dance, but one can memorize the feeling, emotions, and tinges of impressions. The chronicle of choreography art, capturing of known events happen by means of different arts, such as painting, graphic arts, costume and décor design, photography, cinematography. Only parts, single shots from the entire theatrical act that keep the memory of revived legend are reflected in each of them. But touching these items rises the felling as if you just have unsealed the code or solved the cypher, which fully reveals vivid memories of the dance.

The Exhibition organizers don’t pretend to the full showing of Russian ballet history in chronological order. Project mission is to enlarge and enrich the impressions of Russian ballet admirers by means of adjacent fields of art, artistic details, separate story-staging, composition fragments, to draw the attention of our contemporaries to modern ballet, its link with great figures from the past, generational continuity and art schools during XX and XXI centuries.

Ballet is not just a dance, music, costumes and décor, actors and directors, admirers’ emotions. Ballet is all in and more, it is a synthesis, a legend assembled of different arts, various genres and techniques. Exhibition exposition in halls All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art reflects all borders of art objects buoyed by ballet. There are demonstrated pictorial and graphical sketches for the scenery, costumes for the famous stagings of “Ballets Russes” Diaghilev, performed by the following artists of first magnitude: Bakst L., Benois A., Goncharova N., Larionov M., authentic costumes made due to their sketches. The classics of the Soviet era are presented through monumental works of 1930s – 1950s in bronze by the sculptor Yanson-Manizer E.A., representing Ulanova G. and Plisetskaya M. in the ballet “Swan Lake”.
Creative pursuits of interplay between different kinds of arts in the second half of the XX century are reflected in the sketches of Makarov I. for the TV film “The lady with a dog” starring Plisetskaya M., the music of Shedrin R., director Galanter B. and for the “Duel” directing by Eifman B. All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art rendered sculptured figures of renowned ballerinas like Karsavina T., Ulanova G., Plisetskaya M. in the form of legendary stage characters form its own collection. At the exhibition you can also find the sculptural miniature dedicated to Plisetskaya Maya from the collection of “The Russian ballet images” made by the creative SASONKO teamwork. The great ballerina was imprinted in the form recalling the graphic icon “Orans” stretching out her arms to eternity, embodiment of delicacy and power.

“Russian Ballet Stories” invites the audience to recall the masterpieces of art stagings, vivid people of Russian ballet, to touch everlasting values created owing to high art.

Libro su Papa Benedetto XVI



La casa editrice del Patriarcato di Mosca pubblicherà nel 2016 il libro del Papa Emerito, Benedetto XVI, Joseph Ratzinger "Theologie Der Liturgie". Il libro è tradotto in russo grazie alla sponsorizzazione del nostro Socio, la ditta Fabio Firmino. Questo importante evento è stato annunciato il 18 settembre nella città del Vaticano, sala delle conferenze del Collegio Teutonico, in occasione della presentazione del libro del Patriarca di Mosca e di tutte le Russie, Kiril : "la parola del Pastore, Dio e l´uomo. Storia della salvezza". Il volume, edito dalla Libreria Editrice Vaticana, si ripropone di rappresentare "la voce comune della teologia cattolica e di quella ortodossa russa".
Nella prefazione si legge: "incontriamo lo stesso identico Cristo nelle pagine di Benedetto XVI e in quelle di Kirill, in quelle di Francesco e del Metropolita Hilarionov. Sperimentiamo così che proprio questo stesso Gesù Cristo, che abbiamo in comune e che incontriamo, è il solo che può dare alle anime di noi, stanchi e affaticati, ciò che più desideriamo: un´incomparabile serenità, il riposo, la vera pace".

Mostra: La missione della chiesa ortodossa russa nel mondo contemporaneo



L´Associazione Amici del Museo Ermitage  ha promosso la Mostra Fotografica del Patriarcato Russo, "La Missione dela chiesa Ortodossa Russa nel mondo contemporaneo",  che è stata inaugurata il 14 settembre 2015  presso il Padiglione russo dell´Expo.  

Ha inaugurato la Mostra il metropolita Illarionof, responsabile delle relazioni esterne del Patriarcato di Mosca. La mostra termireà il 24 settembre.