As the other International Hermitage Friends organizations , located in Canada, England, Netherland and USA, Italian Association Friends of Hermitage has the main aim to support the artistic heritage of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, in order to promote it and value it as it should be done all over the world. To reach this purpose the Association organizes many activities, like fundraising, exhibitions, management of new donations, publishing productions, in order to have the possibility to restore the artworks preserved in the Hermitage Museum (having a special consideration for Italian artworks there exhibited).
In detail, our Association works to promote initiatives attempting to make the Italian and Russian public closer to the understanding of the deep interrelations linking their two countries, that have always been in the past as deep as nowadays. To do this, creates and organizes educational and cultural events (meetings with significance people, conferences, lessons on specific topics and travels).
In fact, Hermitage itself is one of the most relevant proof of the rich exchange that has always characterized the two countries. Being aware that culture is an important vehicle to create relations, the identity of a civility and to share knowledge, Association Friends of Hermitage insert itself as a qualified partner developing exchanging occasions between Italy and Russia, also taking into consideration the economical field. The favored branches the Association worksin are: cultural tourism, tourism related to our food tradition, research of new technologies applied to the cultural heritage protection and esteem.
In the close future the Association would like to create an institutional space for shows, concerts, debates and educational activities.
Association Friends of Ermitage is favorably opened to the contribution of anyone who cares: artistic experts, collectors, sponsors, enthusiastic single businessmen, companies interested in Russian culture and world.
Any proposal of collaboration is welcomed and will be discussed together, as an important contribution to expand our Association.

Governing Council

  • Francesco Bigazzi
  • Mario Bigazzi
  • Roberto Chinello
  • Giovanni Cianferoni
  • Consuelo de Gara
  • Diletta Frescobaldi
  • Laura Lodigiani
  • Stefania Pavan
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